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About This Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy explains how Ca.couponasion.com collects, stores, uses and shares your Personal Information. This Privacy Policy applies to the websites, services Ca.couponasion.com own or control.

By using our website, Ca.couponasion.com, you are agreeing to the terms of this Privacy Policy and the Terms of Use into which it is incorporated. If you do not agree to this Privacy Policy, you should not use our website and any of our services or provide to us any of your personal information.

Our Services may include links to third-party websites, applications and services, and embedded third-party tools and widgets. Any third-party collection and use of your information is governed by the privacy policies of the respective third parties. We encourage you to learn about the privacy practices of those third parties.

How Ca.couponasion.com collects your Personal Information?

When you use or interact with Ca.couponasion.com in any way, we may use HTTP cookie, Web storage, and other similar mechanisms to automatically collect information, including: Your activity on the Services (such as pages viewed, searches performed and features accessed); Operating system, web browser information, and device attributes; Inbound-referral and outbound websites; Your internet protocol (“IP”) address; The store you visited; the coupons you have clicked.

Where Ca.couponasion.com store your Personal Information?

We store your Personal Information on our own server and your browser, which means, only Ca.couponasion.com and your browser can keep those data. Each time you visit Ca.couponasion.com, your broswer will sent some idenfication to our web server, then we verify the information and let you keep visting our website if the information is corect as expected. The information send between your browser and our server are absolutely safe, because of HTTPS.

How does Ca.couponasion.com use your Personal Information?

The purpose we collect this data is to give you a better online shopping experience and to improve our websites. For example, if we find that 80% of our customers leave one of our website pages within 5 seconds, we know that there has some problems with that page and we will redesign that page, including change the style or the interactive, or modify the page content.

Ca.couponasion.com DOES NOT Share Your Personal Information

Ca.couponasion.com DOES NOT sell your information to any third party. As stated above, we know use Your Personal Information to improve ourselves and provides you with a better expirence. We know your information is important and we do not want any third party make use of it.

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